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  • East Oxford Community Centre website

    I have been a voluntary trustee for the East Oxford Community Centre for the last couple of years. I recently felt that I had enough time to put together a new website for them. It wasn’t a hugely big project; I just boshed something together on in an evening. But I think that

  • Seven Languages In Seven Weeks

    There is an idea, popularized in the Pragmatic Programmer book that its good to learn a new programming language every year. Seven Languages In Seven Weeks takes the concept one stage further, although clearly only for certain values of learning. One is never going to be proficient at any lan

  • My Drupal Life Aggregator

    I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with RSS. Its just simple enough that you can make something in an evening. But just complex enough that the thing could potentially be a bit interesting. So, I set out to learn a bit more about Drupal, especially about theming it. I wan

  • Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre Website

    OSARCC are a fantastic collective of women committed to supporting survivors of sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, and harassment. I helped them to get their website transitioned away from flat html to a simple CMS, Sky Blue Canvas. Their main requirement was that whatever system they ende

  • ALF: Apache log filter

    ALF is a filter for people using Apache logging to plain text logs, who still want the flexibility of being able to search their logs like a database. It relies heavily on Jeff Zucker's DBD::AnyData to do the clever stuff, and overlays that with a simple Gtk2 interface.You can run SQL queries a