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  • A spot of immersive storytelling

    A spot of immersive storytelling cover image

    Yesterday marked the launch of one of New Internationalist's first multimedia immersive long-form pieces, Smoke and Mirrors. Cooking smoke is responsible for a staggering amount of deaths in the world — more than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined. Not only that, the need for wood c

  • Get an RSS feed of a Twitter search Get an RSS feed of a Twitter search cover image

    One of the things that people often ask me to add to is support for generating an RSS feed from a Twitter search. In fact some of the code that I originally used to build it was targetted at achieving exactly that objective. I am now working 90% time at my day job, so I had a rare after

  • Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks

    Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks cover image

    Back in 2011, I took up the challenge of learning Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. The book is Bruce Tate’s tour through seven of the most interesting languages about. I eventually finished working my way through the exercises and blogging about it in early 2012, almost a year after starting.

  • Making nor’s shop with simplecart.js

    Making nor’s shop with simplecart.js cover image

    A couple of weeks back I helped nor to set up a shop to sell her beautiful handmade cards - you should definitely have a look. I used simplecart.js to add the cart to a view in her Drupal 7 site. Simplecart.js is a very minimalist e-commerce tool that I have wanted to play round with for a

  • House of the Commons

    House of the Commons cover image

    This week’s voluntary web project was helping the folks from House of the Commons with their wordpress site. House of the Commons is a four day event organised by citizens, activists and housing professionals concerned with the UK housing crisis, specifically focusing on Oxford, but

  • Bad sex media? Bingo!

    The way that the media portrays sexuality is problematic. And there is a great project that points out the problems with the media view of sexuality over at Bad Sex Media Bingo. So Nor and I made an interactive version of it which now lives at We made it

  • 2013 site redesign

    This site is almost 10 years old believe it or not. Which is a lifetime in web years. The frontend mostly runs of a pile of cgi scripts and HTML::Template files that have grown organically over the years. The backend is developed using the Catalyst framework. So, I’ve decided that it