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  • The word final should never appear in filenames

    The word final should never appear in filenames cover image

    See if you recognize this syndrome. There is a file you need to read. Maybe it has some important stuff in it. A contract that went through a bunch of revisions. That sort of thing. Only, when you go to the directory on your company samba share there are 30 files that it could be.Inevitably at lea

  • Saturday at the 2014 Logan Symposium: my highights

    Saturday at the 2014 Logan Symposium: my highights cover image

    On Saturday at the Barbican in London I attended the 2014 Logan symposium — a conference that was intended to bring together key figures in the fight against invasive surveillance and secrecy. The idea was to build alliances between progressive cyber-activists, hackers and journalists. Speaker

  • A day at IP Expo 2014

    A day at IP Expo 2014 cover image

    I recently attended the first day of IP Expo 2014, mostly because of the co-hosted Cyber security event that was happening concurrently, but also to see Tim Berners-Lee talk. And to browse the stalls a bit.The last time I was anywhere near London’s Excel centre, where the event takes place,

  • Browser tabs are not a do-list

    Browser tabs are not a do-list cover image

    Today, something of a rant. Or at least a reminder to myself not to do something that I do all too often. You see, I keep tabs open in my browser. Sometimes for weeks on end. Why, I don’t know, at least on a rational level. Whenever I try to close a tab, I get an overpowering sense of panic.

  • Three paradoxes of big data, first thoughts

    In a thoughtful piece in the Stanford Law Review, Neil M. Richards and Jonathan H. King consider the problems of big data — the analytics and monitoring data relating to our behaviour on the web and in other regions of the internet by state and corporate interests. Three paradoxes of big

  • Programming with our communal exocoretex

    There was recently a cartoon on xkcd that dealt with ineffective sorts. In the title tag it proposed the stacksort — a sort that searches StackOverflow for sorting functions and runs them until it returns a sorted array. Gregory Koberger liked the idea so much that he implemented stacksort.

  • The New Microsoft Logo and the Death of the PC

    tl;dr — Microsoft doomed; I don’t care about their new logo; Apple will be our new corporate masters I was reading the Hacker News a couple of weeks back and someone had posted a story from the Seattle Times that said that Microsoft had gained a new logo for the first time since 19