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  • OpenTech 2015: My Highlights

    OpenTech 2015: My Highlights cover image

    This year, it was 10 years since the first OpenTech event. I’ve been to a fair number of the events and I rate it as one of the best tech conferences going. It is cheap (a fiver for the day), has reasonably good politics and a good percentage of the speakers are women -- unfortunately a rare t

  • May 2015 Reading

    May 2015 Reading cover image

    I am actually kind of surprised that I hadn’t read this novel before. It is probably one of the first steampunk books. Imagine an alternate Victorian era Neal Stephenson and you will have a fairly good idea of w

  • April 2015 Reading

    April 2015 Reading cover image

    This is a collection of Gibson’s ruminations on technology written for various publications including Wired, Time and Rolling Stone. I enjoyed the collection immensely. This is smart, accessible and compelling writing abou

  • Seven More Languages: Elixir Day Two

    Seven More Languages: Elixir Day Two cover image

    Today’s installment was long and occasionaly annoying. Mostly because I felt that what I wanted to say in Elixir was on the tip of my tongue. I just didn’t quite yet have the language to say it. An occupational hazard when picking up new languages. We first looked at soome of the Elixi

  • Seven More Languages: Elixir Day One

    Seven More Languages: Elixir Day One cover image

    Elixir has been getting a lot of interest recently. It's a functional, concurrent language that compiles to bytecode for the Erlang VM. As well as concurrency, it has strong support for metaprogramming with hygenic macros — think Scheme but without all the parentheses. The syntax is really p

  • Review — Ciderniks Ten Years After

    Review — Ciderniks Ten Years After cover image

    I am pretty excited to try this cider out. I had mentioned some time ago to my work colleague Pete that I thought Ciderniks made some pretty ace ciders and bless him, he bought me a few bottles for a birthday treat.This year I am trying to be effi

  • March 2015 Reading

    March 2015 Reading cover image

    I have been working my way slowly through this classic FP book for the last couple of months. Bird’s style is rigorously mathematical but very readable. He is interested in developing programs a

  • Font of the month: Sans Bullshit Sans

    Font of the month: Sans Bullshit Sans cover image

    I realize that posting the Font of the Month on the very last day of the month is cutting it a bit fine. So this month’s font is a bit special. Sans Bullshit Sans, by PixelAmbacht hides bullshit marketing words in your text with a Comic Sans-styled censorship bar. Th