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  • August 2015 Reading

    August 2015 Reading cover image

    I was reading this for a review in the FLOSS UK newsletter due out some time in September. The author aims to chart a course somewhere between dry mathematical rigour and tool-centric shallowness of coverage. Something which I think he

  • Happy 11th birthday

    Happy 11th birthday cover image

    A mere few days ago — 27 June 2015 to be precise — celebrated its 11th birthday. They grow up quick, don’t they? It is now officially old enough to go to big school, at least if the Tories haven’t closed all the schools yet. In internet terms, 11 is anc

  • Tip: Jitsi main screen blank on xmonad

    Tip: Jitsi main screen blank on xmonad cover image

    I was just having a very headscratchy problem running Jitsi on debian on top of my xmonad windowmanager. I am adding this super quick tip in case anyone else encounters the same issue.When running jitsi, the main interface screen is completely blank. A big grey nothing. After a

  • SSH: to change port or not to change port

    SSH: to change port or not to change port cover image

    There are strong opinions on whether to run your SSH daemon on ports other than the default 22. On the pro side, the argument is that most automated tools only check port 22, so you reduce your exposure to random script kiddies by not running it there. That’s just security by obscurity say t

  • July 2015 Reading

    July 2015 Reading cover image

    A well thought out book that covers ground from stats, to information and quantum theory, to computer science in an attempt to understand our information infrastructure and how it may evolve in the future. Burgess talks rather a lot about h

  • Cameron’s turd in the encryption punchbowl

    Cameron’s turd in the encryption punchbowl cover image

    In a week when it was revealed that GCHQ was illegally spying on Amnesty International, British Prime Minister David Cameron has added yet another turd to the increasingly shitty punchbowl of his vision of the future internet by proposing a ban on effective encryption. Last time Cameron said some

  • June 2015 Reading

    June 2015 Reading cover image

    Benders are a traditional, low-impact dwelling space, traditionally used by travellers and protestors. Having lived in a few, it was lovely to come across a book about them. It is a beautifully illustrated and wryly amusing little book that I read cover to