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  • Ruby — Day Two

    The second day of Ruby picks up the pace a bit, mostly focussing on the nice bits of sugar that Ruby provides and the excercises give you a chance to play with them a bit. Find out how to access files with and without blocks.#!/usr/bin/ruby -w# without blockcou

  • Review — Wilkins Farmhouse Cider

    My normal practice when writing these cider reviews is to write up my experiences the next day, or within a couple of days of drinking. This time I am making an exception and am writing whilst drinking. To be mo

  • Ruby — Day One

    As I said, Ruby is a language I know pretty well already, so this is a gentle introduction for me. Tate compares Ruby to Mary Poppins — magical and fun. I hated that film. But I take the point. The excercises are pretty trivial, but here are my answers.Print the str

  • Seven Languages In Seven Weeks

    There is an idea, popularized in the Pragmatic Programmer book that its good to learn a new programming language every year. Seven Languages In Seven Weeks takes the concept one stage further, although clearly only for certain values of learning. One is never going to be proficient at any lan

  • One liner: Find all javascript files used by a website

    Just thought I’d document this as its likely to be the sort of thing that others might need. I was doing a bit of a tidyup of our javascript files on the global justice site New Internationalist and I needed to know which javascript files were still in use. Its a recursive grep for .js file

  • April 2011 Reading

    I like a challenge, learning seven programming languages in seven weeks seemed like a challenge. I’m blogging about it. I doubt I’ll finish in seven weeks; at least not seven consecutive ones!

  • Anti-cuts video from the grassroots

    The visionOntv are providing these grassroots anti-cuts videos in advance of the 26 March demo. Nice one.Loading grassroots uncut video feed … jwplayer(grassroots_ukuncut_player).setup({ flashplayer:

  • Review — Thatchers Katy Cider

    We headed up to Jericho, via Cuckoo Lane last Sunday. The weather started out springlike but grey and got better by the time we'd walked to the Gardeners. The sun was shining like some celestial interrogation device whe

  • Review — Keane’s Premium Cider

    Magners. That's a social phenomenon. And not necessarily one which the dedicated ciderist should be keen to embrace. I tend to think that cider that requires ice is, let's say problematic. If you really must make the stuff cold before you can dri