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  • September 2011 Reading

    The anticiv folks are a really good read for anyone who wants to do serious political campaigning anticiv or not. This book tries to be a how-to guide for establishing and effective guerilla resisten

  • Tip: Upgrade Magento 1.5 from the commandline

    One of the roles that I have at work is maintaining the Magento software that runs our ethical gift shop. I recently upgraded one of our Magento installs from to 1.5.1 using the newly introduced mage commandline tool. As regular readers will know I am a bit of a CLI freak, and was happily

  • Chart: Who loots more MPs or rioters?

    In the followup to the riots that hit the UK earlier in the week, MPs have been trying to out-authoritarian one another. However, we should remember that many of the people doing the name calling here are guilty of some looting of their own. I thought it would be of interest to compare their loo

  • Vegan Fajitas

    Vegan Fajitas cover image

    I was in Prague recently and had some stonking vegan fajitas in a restaurant. Which got me to thinking I should really figure out how to make my own. Turns out to be pretty straightforward. I have to admit I am a bit of a chilli fetishist. I like hot stuff, OK? So I added a few drops of Chil

  • Tip: Selective Focus Effect with GIMP

    Tip: Selective Focus Effect with GIMP cover image

    Selective focus tilt/shift photographs can create an amazing toytown feel to them. I’ve used a lensbaby composer to similar effect, for example in my photo set Toytown, but the true master of the art in my opinion is Olivio Barbieri, whose work is truly stonking. Well, the thing is th

  • Wok Bread Recipe: Its Like Vegan Naan

    Wok Bread Recipe: Its Like Vegan Naan cover image

    OK, the title is a bit of a cheat. I invented wok bread when I was on the dole. Signing on was probably one of the most productive times of my life for inventing by the way. It was massively valuable to have the time and space to think and explore ideas. Well anyhow, I was faffing round wi

  • August 2011 Reading

    A really intriguing glimpse of Eldridge Cleaver's political development, focussing on the black panthers and other revolutionary black power struggles in the US in the 60s and 70s. Deeply poetic, passionate, angry a

  • SQL tip: Most Popular Pages This Week with Piwik

    Just a quick update today. I want to make myself a little most popular pages this week for the front page of this site. Now, I am using the lovely Piwik Analytics tool to monitor the site. So I first looked at the Piwik API. That should be the way to do it right? Not quite. The Actions plugin can

  • July 2011 Reading

    Parecon is an interesting and thoughtful answer to the but what do you want question that anticapitalists are always asked. I got occasionally annoyed at its often rather simplistic, homespun style. It kind of reminded me of Berkman's ABC o