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  • Perl character encoding and UTF-8 in brief

    Character encoding. Its enough to make grown people break down and weep bitter tears of rage. Perl provides rather good UTF-8 support, and there are some excellent tutorials out there. So, my contribution is more of a checklist and cookbook than a technical explanation._H_UTF-8 In your source

  • Review — Thistly Cross Gold

    I’m not going to beat about the bush here. I like whisky. And I like cider. So I was intrigued to hear of a cider that was matured with chipped whisky barrels. That's got to be good, right? Well, I got a bottle of the Thistly Cross

  • Making SVG fractals with perl

    I’ve just returned from visiting nor in Rotterdam. It being her birthday, we went to the pub with some of the lovely folks from her course, and the talk turned to SVG and if there was anything interesting you could do with it. I thought that maybe you could do something with fractals. In

  • November 2011 Reading

    The original Pragmatic Programmer book was pretyy influential on me when it came out and I’ve really enjoyed a few other books in the series. This book is no exception to that. There's a lot of se

  • Review — Combe Raider

    Bonjour ciderists. Long time no wotsit. 5 months in fact. Time flies, eh? This week I’ve been getting ciders off the internets thanks to Cider Club UK. My ciders arrived at work in a big box a couple of days after ordering, so props to Cider C

  • Tip: Make a distressed font with GIMP

    The other day I had need to make a sort of distressed/grungy/textured looking font using The GIMP. You know the kind of thing. A little googling bought up Grunge texture text from, which got me most of the way towards the effect I wanted. This video is my simplified version of t

  • October 2011 Reading

    This is a difficult read at times, putting the lie to the myth of the British Empire being a benign, democratic or civilising project. Rebellion was never far from the surface and was put down by geno