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  • Scala — Day One

    Tate compares Scala to Edward Scissorhands in his metaphorical introduction to the chapter. What I’ve seen of the language so far certainly made me feel it was a little on the odd side. Its just near enough to Java that it feels wrong when it works more Rubyishly or more Lispishly. The first

  • Prolog — Day Three

    My fears of a mega hardcore third day of prolog were not realised, and I actually had some proper fun this time round. Mr. Tate is absolutely right that making a sudoku solver the prolog way is almost magical. I’ve written sudoke solvers in perl before. And believe me it ain't pretty. With

  • December 2011 Reading

    Another Christmas gift from me old man, this is a 2005 novel which was made into a film last year. I’ve not seen the film. But the book is wonderful, a dystopian sci-fi, by turns tender and twisted. Ishiguro riffs on the fragilit

  • Prolog — Day Two

    Day Two was challenging. Like really hard. My imperative mindset is finding the declarative approach to coding frankly odd. When things do work it feels almost magical. And in at least one of the solutions I just chanced upon the implementation by fiddling round pretyy randomly rather than having a

  • Prolog — Day One

    Its been a long time since I finished the Io section of my Seven Languages in Seven Weeks Journey. I realize that. Probably six months. That is doubleplus ungood. In my defence I must remind readers that I said at the outset that I might not do these on seven consecutive weeks. I’m just stret

  • Review — Tutts Clump Cider

    Tim Wale is a cidermaker from West Berks who has a mission “To establish Real Cider and Perry at the forefront of English drinks, even if it takes the rest of my life”. Well, I am certainly down with that. And even more excited th

  • Vegan Mushroom, Tofu, and Sweetcorn Pie

    Vegan Mushroom, Tofu, and Sweetcorn Pie cover image

    This is a winter dish that’s perfect for consuming while lying round on the sofa watching crap movies on a foggy day. The main tricks are shoving in a load of tarragon, and also a little bit of tahini to thicken up the sauce. I served it up with some steamed red and green cabbage. If yo

  • UK Postcode Lookup — My First Drupal7 Module

    Update 2012-02-26 I updated this module in a few ways. It now uses the Drupal presave hook rather than the form_alter hook -- meaning that if there is a postcode and no lat/long it will always look up your postcode. That is a much better way to do it in my opinion. I’ve also changed the defau