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  • Haskell — Day One

    The final of the seven languages is Haskell and so far it feels nice. Gone are Clojure's brackets and back to front syntax. Haskell is much more Erlang-esque, which may just be the module declarations and the list comprehensions. It even feels a little perlish with ::s and $s here and there. Tate

  • Clojure — Day Three

    I suppose it was inevitable after my cockiness on day two that day three should be a challenging one. I felt very stretched; mostly I was getting stuck on syntax, though. The actual coding was great fun. I’ve come rather to like Clojure; I definitely think it’ll be one of the languages I

  • Vim Tip: Edit GPG files transparently

    A super quick Vim tip today courtesy of Patrick R. McDonald. I was looking for a nice way to have Vim open up files that I had GPGed. That is how I store passwords and its a faff and potentially insecure to decrypt, edit and resave. Nicer to have Vim open your GPG file directly. Patrick’s s

  • Clojure — Day Two

    Today’s excercises seemed a little more straightforward than in previous languages. I may be simply getting brainier, of course. I doubt that. It is something of a lightning tour that we take through Clojure; a lot of stuff gets covered in a little time. The chapter covers recursion, incl

  • A Short(ish) Guide to Searching the Web Securely

    One of the things that most of us do every day is searching for stuff on the web. Modern search engines are great for finding random wikipedia entries or videos of snowboarding crows. But search engine companies aren’t entirely respectful of our right to privacy. In fact they make a living by

  • February 2012 Reading

    It isn’t exactly news that I am a big fan of Stephenson. Snow Crash is an older book, written very much in the cyberpunk style. Lots of virtual reality and futuristic dystopia. But done entertainingly and combining those themes with some intelligent

  • Clojure — Day One

    There's been a brief hiatus in my Clojure week. Mostly due to me being knackered after some hardcore work days. In the last instalment I got my basic VimClojure environment set up. After that particular mission Day One’s excercises seemed almost trivial. I expect things to become more diffi

  • Review — Malvern Oak Dry Reserve Cider

    Nor and I rented a little cottage up in the Malverns for a few days for my birthday a couple of weeks back. Yes that does sound thoroughly bourgeois!. One of the reasons for heading out West was to get nearer to traditional Scrumpy country. And to climb s