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  • May 2012 Reading

    Butler’s take on Guantanamo, Iraq and to an extent Abu Ghraib centres around the question of grievability. The question of what constitutes a recognizably human life is a powerful way to start thinking about State violence and war and what an effect

  • Review — Barkaiztegi Sagardo Naturala

    A bit of a rare treat this one! I’ve been wanting to try some of the cider from the Basque country for ages now. And whilst I was in Amsterdam going to the Unlike Us conference and visiting pals, I got given a bottle of Barkaiztegi by one

  • March 2012 Reading

    I picked this up at the Unlike Us conference in Amsterdam. It is a solid critique of the political economy of capitalist tech of the wired type. His dismantling of the Free Culture movement is useful and perceptive.2012-03-17 by Charlie

  • Haskell — Day Three

    The last day of my seven languages odyssey has been without doubt the most brain frying of all. I needed to spend about four days of fairly intense study to get close to a viable maze solver. Even now I doubt very much that its anything more than a naïve and buggy implementation. Still, the good

  • Haskell — Day Two (Part Two)

    Well, I thought that I’d have the time to do all the extra credit excercises for Haskell Day Two. But as it turned out I got stuck on the justify some text question. I guess this sort of question gets easier, but I couldn’t get the structure I wanted — a list of two tuples of

  • Haskell — Day Two

    Day two of the Haskell section has been once again very challenging for me. I’m sure that some of the conceptual territory would be easier to navigate were I a proper mathematician. But, after some head/keyboard bashing and rather more than my usual couple of hours allotted to Seven Languag