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  • All your base conference

    tl;dr The All Your Base database conference in Oxford was great. I went to it. I recently went along to the fantastic All Your Base database conference which happened in Oxford on 23 November 2012. If you don't get the reference, then you ahould read up on the all your base are belong to us me

  • November 2012 Reading

    I am working my way through this quite slowly. It is what I would describe as a nontrivial tome. I reckon it weighs in at a couple of kilos. And there is maths. And I am translating the ML code into Haskell as I go. But it is well w

  • Motherboard details from the GNU/Linux commandline

    A quick bit of commandline-fu today. And a trick that I always spend ages having to search the web for. Its often the case that you want to find the exact serial number or model or chipset of your motherboard. There is a wonderful command called dmidecode which fetches the DMI data from your mach

  • Review — Kingstone Press Cider

    I picked up a bottle of this from my local Iceland on a whim. The plastic bottle ought really to have sounded alarm bells, I suppose, but one must suffer for one’s art. Besides there were claims about the cider’s origin in the Hereford part of the Malver