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  • Review — Tillington Hills Cider

    This little number is courtesy of the co-op believe it or not. They tag it as a premium cider which is always a little worrying, but other than that and the frankly unncessary union flag on the bottle, this was actually a rather good little

  • 2013 Reading

    Here’s all the books that I read in 2013, by month. On the each month's page there’s quick review or synopsis of each book.

  • East Oxford Community Centre website

    I have been a voluntary trustee for the East Oxford Community Centre for the last couple of years. I recently felt that I had enough time to put together a new website for them. It wasn’t a hugely big project; I just boshed something together on in an evening. But I think that

  • 2012 Reading Highlights

    It is traditional — and who am I to dispute traditions? — to publish navel-gazing lists and yearly roundups at or about New Year. So, I have had a self-indulgent look back at 2012 through the lens of the books that I read and articles that I wrote this year.

  • Rooting the Coby Kyros MID9742 Android tablet

    I recently got hold of a tablet, mostly for reading PDFs on, but I realized that the preinstalled android OS didn’t let me have root access. Which is deeply immoral. I ought to be able to do what I want to the devices I buy. It took me ages to work out how to get root on it, so I have writen

  • Vegan Recipe — Super Fiery Chilli Sauce

    Vegan Recipe — Super Fiery Chilli Sauce cover image

    Making chilli sauce is pretty straightforward, depending on how you like your sauce. Me? I like it full of fire, with a hint of complexity buried somewhere beneath the burn. Which means that I mix naga, scotch bonnet, guajillo and dried and fresh Thai red chillies with vinegar, garlic, herbs and sh

  • December 2012 Reading

    A Christmas present from my dad, this is a collection of 9 counterfactual accounts of history, rooted in what contemporary observers believed likely or possible, written by leading (mostly British) historians. Ferguson’s introduc