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  • April 2013 Reading

    Ramnath tells an history of decolonization from an anarchist perpective. Or anarchism from a decolonizationary perspective. Focussing on the history of liberation struggles in South Asia, Ramnath tells the stories of people who

  • Programming with our communal exocoretex

    There was recently a cartoon on xkcd that dealt with ineffective sorts. In the title tag it proposed the stacksort — a sort that searches StackOverflow for sorting functions and runs them until it returns a sorted array. Gregory Koberger liked the idea so much that he implemented stacksort.

  • March 2013 Reading

    A recent translation of this Guatemalen novel of the mid 70s, it reads like Joyce and indeed references him a few times. Its also uncomfortably misogynistic at times, brutal, occasionally funny, and very moving. Oh and heavy going. I really need to read

  • Stop MediaWiki thinking that a .ppt is a .doc

    New Internationalist, along with teacher friends Linda Ruas and John Shepheard runs an Easier English wiki, which provides simplified versions of many of the stories from New Internationalist magazine. We are just running MediaWiki, nothing fancy. A few weeks ago after upgrading MediaWiki we hit

  • Xmonad made me more productive

    I have been using Xmonad as my main window manager for several months now. I wrote about my initial experiences with the Haskell tiling window manager a while back. I want to talk briefly about how I have found myself more productive since making the leap from Gnome in this quick addendum to the

  • On safari with the feral rich

    The New Internationalist recently published a great issue, about the Feral Rich. Given the rivers of bile that the likes of the Daily Mail seem to enjoy spewing forth at the poor, it is rather nice to see the shoe on the other foot for once. This cartoon follows the rich on a fiscal safari. Great

  • February 2013 Reading

    A gift from a friend of mine in Germany. A fast paced thriller. Its kind of fun but I found the animal rights guy a little on the unbelievable side. Nevertheless Boyle writes wonderfully and the story was well told and