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  • Navigating your bash history. A quick reference.

    One of the ways to make yourelf more productive and to save unnecessary typing in the bash shell is to get familiar with navigating your history. There are a number of ways to navigate your bash history beyond simply using the up arrow to get at your last command. This is a quick reference to some o

  • Review — Henney’s Vintage

    Review — Henney’s Vintage cover image

    This was a spur of the moment cider, as the last couple I have drunk have been rather uninspiring, including the Sainsbury’s Low Alcohol cider I had the other night. Of which the less said the better. I picked the Henney’s up at the Co-

  • August 2013 Reading

    Read it on my reading day and spoke more about it in the tech briefing I wrote up about that. It’s fine, but the material in my copy is rather out of date. It was right in its prediction that a lot would change after IE8. It d

  • Anonymous Public DNS with OpenNIC

    The Domain Name System (DNS) is like a phone book — you send a query to a server that says what is the number for and it sends back an IP address. Nowadays lots of people use either their ISP’s DNS server or one of the public DNS servers like Google’s 8.8.8

  • Fuck Off As A Service — FOAAS

    My colleague Becky pointed me towards perhaps the most useful REST API on the interwebs. Fuck Off As A Service describes itself thusFOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.Of course once you have a web servi

  • Video: Barncamp 2013 Scrapbook

    Not long ago I went to a rural tech gathering called Barncamp. It’s a weekend of DIY skillsharing, tech and activism on a farm in the Wye Valley. Free world films used some Barncamp photos I took in this video scrapbook of the camp. Enjoy.

  • Stegospam: Hiding messages in spam for fun and mischief

    tl;dr GCHQ/NSA seem to keep encrypted data but throw away spam. I made a tool that lets you hide your encrypted data in spam. In recent weeks it has emerged that GCHQ and NSA have been spying not only on their political allies, but on the population in general. Many of us are shocked, if unsur