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  • September 2013 Reading

    Old fashioned but passionate rant against the idiocy of (especially Christian) religion and the enormous harm it has done. The rhetoric is quite grating and some of the arguments put forward are strawmannish, but still an enjoyable re

  • Video: Redesign — objectives

    I am blogging about redeveloping this site. A quick update on the comments subsystem and using the very cool mutable serializer in Dancer. Then I talk about some of the site objectives. I get cut off when saying the final objective which is just to make the site responsive. I guess I should add t

  • Review — Polgoon Cornish Cider

    Review — Polgoon Cornish Cider cover image

    A top-up cider this, to fill my cart when I was ordering Ciderniks Kingston Black the other day. I have not come across the brand before, but they say of themselves that they are Award-winning producers of Cornish wines, ciders and fruit juices. Their website is ve

  • Video: Redesign — templates and typography

    I am planning to blog the process of redesigning and redeveloping this site. This is the first installment of the process. This week I am just focussing on how the site looks, and developing static blocks which can be included everywhere in the site. I’ve been using Twitter’s bootstrap

  • 2013 site redesign

    This site is almost 10 years old believe it or not. Which is a lifetime in web years. The frontend mostly runs of a pile of cgi scripts and HTML::Template files that have grown organically over the years. The backend is developed using the Catalyst framework. So, I’ve decided that it

  • Review — Ciderniks Kingston Black

    Review — Ciderniks Kingston Black cover image

    I spent a fun night at a folk session at The Shoulder of Mutton pub in Wantage with nor and her folks drinking this stuff. It was just one of the 6 ciders in boxes that were perched atop the bar. I resisted the urge to try any others. And I promised, perha