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  • November 2013 Reading

    I grabbed the ebook of astounding stories on a bit of a whim. But I have enjoyed it. Its proper boys own stuff, and reminded me of the sort of books that one used to find in my grandparents house. Hugely entertaining but

  • Bad sex media? Bingo!

    The way that the media portrays sexuality is problematic. And there is a great project that points out the problems with the media view of sexuality over at Bad Sex Media Bingo. So Nor and I made an interactive version of it which now lives at We made it

  • Quick tip: Find all image sizes ImageMagick and find

    A super quick tip this. The other day I needded to find images bigger than a given width on the New Internationalist website. The quickest way I could think of to do this was to use find to locate all the files and combine that with ImageMagick’s identify command. And finally to pipe that t

  • Redesign update — Code on gitorious

    Just a quick update today. I’ve got round to putting the Dancer code up on gitorious now, for anyone who is interested to nose about. Obviously I have made sure that config files are not present so it will no work as it is. And let’s face it the code is really onl

  • October 2013 Reading

    The second of a couple of books I am reading about stats and the R language to support the Coursera I’m doing at the moment. In contrast to Navarros book which was a free PDF, I paid for this one. I felt that it read very much lik

  • Three paradoxes of big data, first thoughts

    In a thoughtful piece in the Stanford Law Review, Neil M. Richards and Jonathan H. King consider the problems of big data — the analytics and monitoring data relating to our behaviour on the web and in other regions of the internet by state and corporate interests. Three paradoxes of big