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  • New Year, New Website

    Huzzah! At 13:00 UTC 2013-12-31 I launched the redesigned version of So far it hasn’t broken that badly. But give it time. I have been blogging the redesign process for the last few months. Here are some of the new things about the site that I hope make it nic

  • API Documentation, just about ready to launch

    A short update on my site redesign. I think that I am going to be able to make the beta version of this site into the live version of this site in time for 2014! I have just wrapped up documenting the Content API, and done some prelaunch tweaks. The Perl Dancer framework has been outstandingly ni

  • 2013: My favourite books and reading stats

    Last year I did a rundown of the books I read in 2012, mostly as I wanted to play with But also, let’s face it, because my propensity to navel-gaze craves occasional indulgence. This year I repeat the experiment in a yearly roundup of my reading habits… _H_Reading stats

  • 2014 Reading

    Here’s all the books that I read in 2014, by month. On the each month’s page there’s quick review or synopsis of each book that I read in that month.

  • Verbindingen/Jonctions 14 in Brussels

    The Brussels-based collective Constant work at the intersection between politics, art and free/open source technology. I’ve just been at Verbindingen/Jonctions 14 — let’s call it VJ14, for the sake of brevity — a 4 day gathering aiming to provide a feminist review of mesh,

  • Beta site launched! Help me make it better.

    Exciting news! My my beta site is live on the interwebs now. You can even read this article on I decided to launch an incomplete version with bits missing and imcomplete in the hope of getting some feedback from the internets (i.e. you ;-) ). _H_Changing webhosts_

  • December 2013 reading

    When I was first learning Java there was a big trend towards using design patterns. The extreme edge of that trend was critiqued wonderfully by Mark Jason Dominus in Why Design Patterns Aren