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  • April 2014 Reading

    Bernays was Freud’s nephew and one of the earliest developers of the Public Relations industry as we now know it. The book is, of course, disturbing but it is also eerily prescient talking about thought leaders being able to use their influence to ch

  • Quick tip: Postfix operators in GHCi

    The other day I wanted to work out what 52 factorial was. I’d beeen to a pub quiz the night before. What can I say? It is pretty easy to make the factorial function in Haskell. Something ike this usually suffices. fac :: Integer -> Integerfac n = product [1..n] I wanted to be

  • Tip: Change or add passphrase on existing SSH keys

    Today I needed to add a passphrase to an ssh key. The key had previously been used for automated batch processing work in cronjobs, and thus didn't have a passphrase set — a bit of a security no-no. A quick scan of the ssh-keygen manpage led me to the -p flag, which updates or creates a pas

  • March 2014 Reading

    A late 90s reading of Wired, examining the sexist and racist agenda of the magazine and the larger digital elite for whom Wired became a bible. Despite the book's age, its critique of Wire

  • Quick tip: Using vimdiff with git

    Vimdiff is an amazing tool to work with file differences and it particuarly suitable for use when examining differences between git revisions. There is a command built in to git that is called git-difftool. It allows you to use an external tool to look at your diffs this tip just shows how I like

  • semalt: Marketing by analytic vanity

    I’ll let you in to a secret. I sometimes look at the analytics on this site. I anonymize the last octet of the address of course, using the piwik plugin. One of the things I look at is the referrers that are sending me traffic. In December and January I was seeing an improbably amount of traf

  • February 2013 Reading

    Less jargony and more in-depth than Lean UX, Lowdermilk covers usability, using design principles and working closely with your users to make things that work for them. 2014-02-21 by Charlie Harvey_H_Lean UX, by Jeff

  • SVG logo: half the size and better quality

    Its not that I’m a performance fanatic. But a fairly big part of the page weight on my new site is made up of the top logo. Which, until yesterday, was a jpg. Previously it had always been a png which seemed sharper to my eye. But it took 50 kilobytes, although it is cacheable that is still a

  • Review — Cidre le Brun in Paris

    Review — Cidre le Brun in Paris cover image

    For my birthday jaunt this year I popped over to Paris with nor. It was pretty cool staying in a little airbnb place up near the Arc de Triomphe. And of course I wanted to try a little of le cidre local. Which was a bottle of Le Cidre Artisanal Le Brun from the G20 supermarket up the

  • January 2014 Reading

    Baffling guide to a paralell but familiar world, told through surrealistic short passages that are sort of semi-coherent. It is like the world that you experience in a half dream. There’s no obvious narrative; it reads