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  • Review — Chucklehead Dry Cider

    Review — Chucklehead Dry Cider cover image

    My colleague Pete recently got hold of some Chucklehead cider from the interwebs. He kindly shared a bottle with me so that I could have a try. Chucklehead is a Devon cider, made by Michael and Liz Dinnage on their small family farm near Tiverton since 1

  • Saturday at the 2014 Logan Symposium: my highights

    Saturday at the 2014 Logan Symposium: my highights cover image

    On Saturday at the Barbican in London I attended the 2014 Logan symposium — a conference that was intended to bring together key figures in the fight against invasive surveillance and secrecy. The idea was to build alliances between progressive cyber-activists, hackers and journalists. Speaker

  • December 2014 Reading

    December 2014 Reading cover image

    This was a fantastic book. It very much reminded me of Dostoyevsky. The basic plot is about a mathemetician who is on the verge of making a theoretical breakthrough. Suddenly all sorts of distractions appear in his life, and it is the s

  • November 2014 Reading

    Given that this is a book from Yale University press, I would have expected it to be more scholarly, by which I mean I suppose hard to read. As it turns out it is a lightweight, very readable romp through Goldman’s lif

  • Font of the month: LilGrotesk

    Font of the month: LilGrotesk cover image

    Lil Grotesk is a nice straightforward sans serif font available under the free software SIL Open Font Licence. And this month it is my font of the month.I found Lil Grotesk on Open Font Library, which is in itself a fantastic project. It brings together a collection of hundreds of free software a

  • October 2014 Reading

    October 2014 Reading cover image

    I had been meaning to pick up Silver’s paean to the virtues of Bayesian statistics for some time and found it on discount at WHSmiths. It is thoroughly entertaining and manages to hop from baseball stats to climate change, poker and globa