Charlie Harvey

Iceweasel/Firefox 4 or 5 on Debian Squeeze

I don't know if you heard about it but Fabrice Bellard recently made a Javascript PC emulator that could boot a full linux with emacs and vi and even a c compiler. Which is insane. I wanted to check it out, but the core Iceweasel on Debian Squeeze (3.5) isn't up to the job, Fabrice has coded it to work on chrome or FireFox 4 or greater. Now, I’ve compiled my own Firefoxen in the past and its a faff, especially when it comes time to upgrade. Fortunately the Debian Mozilla folk have made a nice tool to help you import a lovely Deb of iceweasel or icedove for your Debian system. Its just a matter of choosing your Debian version, and following the instructions. Here's a video.


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