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  • Tip: Upgrade Magento 1.5 from the commandline

    One of the roles that I have at work is maintaining the Magento software that runs our ethical gift shop. I recently upgraded one of our Magento installs from to 1.5.1 using the newly introduced mage commandline tool. As regular readers will know I am a bit of a CLI freak, and was happily

  • SQL tip: Most Popular Pages This Week with Piwik

    Just a quick update today. I want to make myself a little most popular pages this week for the front page of this site. Now, I am using the lovely Piwik Analytics tool to monitor the site. So I first looked at the Piwik API. That should be the way to do it right? Not quite. The Actions plugin can

  • Tip: Email with attachments from the *nix commandline

    This is a quick tute for folk who want to send email from the commandline under the various Unices, especially those who also need to include attachments. This has been tested on Debian GNU/Linux with Icedove/Thunderbird. We start by simply sending an email from the commandline. I shall use th

  • Tip: from the commandline

    This is a pretty minimal tip. The other day I was looking for a way to shorten URLs from the commandline. Now the API expects you to authenticate before doing any shortening (I’ve not pulled apart the web ui to see if its possible without). The URL shortener has no such restric

  • Perlmonks User RSS Maker

    Monk   This is a tool for making an minimal RSS feed of a user's posts from the Perlmonks website. I made it to incude my perlmonks posts in my Drupal life aggregator with my perlmonks posts. You can construct an url to get ther feed from scripts or the CLI by hand usinghttp://charlie

  • Iceweasel/Firefox 4 or 5 on Debian Squeeze

    I don't know if you heard about it but Fabrice Bellard recently made a Javascript PC emulator that could boot a full linux with emacs and vi and even a c compiler. Which is insane. I wanted to check it out, but the core Iceweasel on Debian Squeeze (3.5) isn't up to the job, Fabrice has coded it t

  • Tool: Twitter RSS Feed Getter

    Update: Now this uses my new tool. Please donate and keep online.User: With replies?:   Love it or loathe it, it looks like Twitter is likely to remain an important part of the infrastructure of the interwebs for some time. Bac

  • Ettercap remote_browser Plugin Fun

    I’ve just spent some serious time getting Ettercap's remote_browser plugin to work as expected on my home network. The plugin allows you to view the pages that another user on your network is browsing. What actually made the difference in the end was changing the argument ordering. For once d