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  • Bash Tip: Remove a line from middle of file

    This is a thing that I’ve wanted to do for ages, and it came up for me during this week'd episode of Hak5, which I am getting to be a big fan of by the way. The material under discussion was what to do when one of your known hosts changes. Darren was saying he was a bit slack and just did a

  • Vim Tip: Edit GPG files transparently

    A super quick Vim tip today courtesy of Patrick R. McDonald. I was looking for a nice way to have Vim open up files that I had GPGed. That is how I store passwords and its a faff and potentially insecure to decrypt, edit and resave. Nicer to have Vim open your GPG file directly. Patrick’s s

  • Tip: Latest Chromium Browser on Debian Squeeze

    Update 2013-02-15 Since this article was written the PPA I list has got frozen at version 18 of chromium. If you want something newer and shinier, you should replace the sources.list line with deb lucid main and replace the apt-key command with sudo

  • UK Postcode Lookup — My First Drupal7 Module

    Update 2012-02-26 I updated this module in a few ways. It now uses the Drupal presave hook rather than the form_alter hook -- meaning that if there is a postcode and no lat/long it will always look up your postcode. That is a much better way to do it in my opinion. I’ve also changed the defau

  • Perl character encoding and UTF-8 in brief

    Character encoding. Its enough to make grown people break down and weep bitter tears of rage. Perl provides rather good UTF-8 support, and there are some excellent tutorials out there. So, my contribution is more of a checklist and cookbook than a technical explanation._H_UTF-8 In your source

  • Making SVG fractals with perl

    I’ve just returned from visiting nor in Rotterdam. It being her birthday, we went to the pub with some of the lovely folks from her course, and the talk turned to SVG and if there was anything interesting you could do with it. I thought that maybe you could do something with fractals. In