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  • FLOSS UK Regular Expressions Tutorial with Damian Conway

    I’ve just returned from a fantastic Understanding Regular Expressions tutorial given by Damian Conway for FLOSS UK (formerly the UK UNIX Users Group). Damian is a bit of a legend in the Perl community having won the Larry Wall award 3 times, written Perl Best Practices and spent quite a few

  • Solved: Real World Haskell Chapter 16 and Parsec3

    Another quick fix for an annoyance I found whilst working my way through the Real World Haskell book. This time it’s in Chapter 16 where we are learning about applicative functors and how to use Parsec in an applicative stylee rather than monadically. As it turns out there have been s

  • Experiences using XMonad as my windowmanager

    A lot of the GNU/Linux community have been switching to alternative window managers of late. Gnome 3 seems rather resource intensive. And Ubuntu Unity is a terrible monstrosity. I have heard good things about Awesome window manager. But I decided to have a crack with the Haskell-based XMonad. I&#

  • Magento Tip: Remove Breadcrumbs from Homepage

    A very quick tip to add to the interwebs because my Google Fu failed to find it the other day when I needed. I wanted to remove the breadcrumbs from a single CMS page — in my case the home page (aka the front page) — in Magento. It’s rather easy to do as it turns out, but I had

  • Haskell: PGM Parser from Chapter 10 of Real World Haskell

    I am working my way through the Real World Haskell Book at the moment and finding it fun and challenging. In chapter 10 is devoted to parsing PGM files. One of the excersises is to extend the code from the book to deal with ASCII PGM files as well as raw ones. This is how I did it, along with a c

  • Getting a later GHC/Haskell platform on Squeeze from Sid

    I have, of late, been learning Haskell following my experience of it in my Seven Languages In Seven Weeks adventure. Now, I normally learn stuff from books, but browsing through Hacker News a while back, I spotted Rein Henrichs’s new series of Haskell Live tutorials. I decided to follow along

  • Copying videos off Vimeo with bash

    A lot of video people are hosting on Vimeo these days, it seems well featured reliable and fast, and it doen’t have quite the same psychotically disordered commenting culture as has developed at youtube. However, though there is good stuff to watch on there, not every video uploaded has

  • Tip: Blocking spam with iptables on GNU/Linux

    Spam is a constant problem for me as a sys admin. Even after greylisting and denyhosts and fail2banning I still find myself wanting to deny access to the occasional ip address. The project iptables provides a pretty nice firewall for the Linux kernel. I often forget the syntax an