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  • One liner: Find all javascript files used by a website

    Just thought I’d document this as its likely to be the sort of thing that others might need. I was doing a bit of a tidyup of our javascript files on the global justice site New Internationalist and I needed to know which javascript files were still in use. Its a recursive grep for .js file

  • Tip: Hassle Free Passwordless Remote SSH Login

    There is plenty of other documentation of how to set up remote passwordless ssh logins elsewhere on the web. But it often takes some faffing to make it work as you'd like. Now, I often do this, so I thought I’d write up the easiest way that I’ve found to do so. It only has two steps. How

  • 5 Best Firefox/Iceweasel Privacy Plugins

    Activists and other people are frequently targetted for surveillance by power in its various forms - governments, police, media and corporate power. Increasingly this surveillance takes place on line. And so it makes sense to set up your firefox browser to be as resistent as possible to such surve

  • Debian Tip: Get Adobe Air working on 64—bit Squeeze

    Lots of people seem to want to develop applications on the decidedly unfree Adobe Air platform. They provide a .deb for 32 bit systems but not for 64 bit systems. I wanted to check out some software from the dark side, and took a while to suss out what the provided deb needed to make it run

  • Vimperator Tip: Cut and paste with ctrl—c/ctrl—v

    I’m a huge fan of the Vimperator Firefox plugin. It works just like you'd want it to and doesn't break much. Well, it breaks one useful thing, which is the almost universal ctrl-c/ctrl-v cut and paste shortcuts. So, I was well chuffed to find a Vimperator cut and paste tip on superuser. I̵

  • SSH Tip: Proxy your browser with SSH

    I was just now trying to see how the New Internationalist website might look from Canada, to test some GeoIP set up that we’re working on. So I used a trick that I mainly use when I’m browsing the interwebs from public WiFi networks. Given the emergence of tools like Firesheep, whic