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  • N shades of #XXXXXX: An HTML5 book-cover maker

    N shades of #XXXXXX: An HTML5 book-cover maker cover image

    E L James’s lightweight pornographic novel Fifty Shades of Grey was a publishing sensation a few years back. I am told there will even be a film soon. It has spawned many imitators. Hence this tool which allows you to make your own homage to Fifty Shades. With any colour available in the

  • Pulley Logic Gates

    Pulley Logic Gates cover image

    What, you might wonder, is a logic gate and why, you might further wonder, should I care? Logic gates in their various forms make up a fair amount of the circuitry that enables modern computers to work. Like your phone or your computer. Logic gates work a bit like one of those truth tables you

  • Happy 30th Birthday Tetris!

    Happy 30th Birthday Tetris! cover image

    Can it really be 30 years since the screen of an Elektronkia 60 in Moscow first lit up with a series of tetrominoes dropping incessantly towards the Earth? Since tinny speakers first tinkled to the highly catchy eight bit faux soviet music of Tetris? Indeed it can. In 1984, Alexey Pajitnov unleas

  • Demonstrating the APL programming language (1975)

    The other day on hackernews, this video was posted of Imperial college’s Bob Spence demonstrating the APL computer language. Some of what is being shown is all too familiar, though the analogue nature of the computer interaction is decidedly steampunk. Despite the steampunkiness of

  • The home office of the future (1967)

    Snarkasm, aka @wendy_ferguson on Twitter suggested this telling video, which is a 1967 glimpse of the home office of the future.Cheesy lounge jazz and anachronistic gender politics aside —the husband will arrange the financing of the wife’s purchases — the content is rather

  • The Kids Guide to the Internet (1997)

    My new favourite video is this historical document, circa 1997. An almost unbelievably straight, white bourgeois American family espouse the virtues of cyber surfing in virtual reality.Whilst the outfits and the tech are certainly amusingly anachronistic, what the film really reminded me

  • Fuck Off As A Service — FOAAS

    My colleague Becky pointed me towards perhaps the most useful REST API on the interwebs. Fuck Off As A Service describes itself thusFOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.Of course once you have a web servi