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Review — Ross on Wye Dry cider at Barncamp 2013

Ross on Wye Dry Cider (aka Fucking Dry Cider) at Barncamp 2013

Picture of a box of fucking dry Ross cider

So I’m at Barncamp 2013 hanging out with some of the coolest people in the UK to talk about information security, tech politics, eco-friendly computing and all that. There is vegan food and sunshine and beautiful countryside. And a barn full of laptops. How could life get any better?

I think that we all know the answer to that. With copious amounts of proper west country cider, and Barncamp’s cider acquisition skills were this year exemplary. I’m a bit of a dry cider junky and this year’s cider was a cracking one, courtesy of Ciderpunk (artisan cider straight from the makers) who source Ross Cider from Ross on Wye

It became known colloquially as you can see from the pic as Fucking Dry Cider. Which was a reasonably accurate characterisation of it. It was a fat blend with lots of Brown Snout and other more bitter varieties in it. The blend nicely balanced out its sharpness with some tannin muscularity. It was a misty mid yellow orange and extremely drinkable right through the barrel.

The box claimed that it was 7% ABV. I believe it may have been marginally more, though I did have more than just a single glass (and at two quid a pop who wouldn’t). It was very definitely fucking lovely as well as fucking dry.

2013-06-10 by Charlie Harvey


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