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Review — Sheppy’s Falstaff Apple Cider

Sheppy’s Falstaff Apple Cider review

I tried a couple of cracking dry ciders over my new year sojourn — Rich’s Cider Scrumpy and Burrow Hill Sparkling Dry Kingston Black. So, I thought it appropriate to have a crack at something less dry. In this case a single variety cider from Sheppy’s cider.

Picture of a bottle of sheppys falstaff cider

I last reviewed a cider from Sheppy’s some time ago. In fact it was 2011 and the cider in question was Sheppy’s organic cider . They have been making cider since 1917 and are based in Somerset.

The Falstaff is a dessert apple not a cider apple. It is also one which I haven’t consciously imbibed in my cidery adventures thus far. The colour in the bottle is very pale, almost white. There was a little fizz when I poured. It is listed on the Sheppy’s site and on the bottle as a medium-sweet cider, but I would put it at the sweeter end of that classification.

It’s light and rather gentle and has a good depth of flavour, very sweet and rounded and light-bodied. Tonnes of appleyness on the palate with maybe a hint of cedarwood or something underneath the hood.

This is the sort of cider that I can imagine being great chilled on a picnic on a hot day.

I still prefer the rougher, more full-bodied character of a dry farmhouse cider. But this is good stuff if you like your ciders lighter and sweeter.

2015-01-04 by Charlie Harvey


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