Charlie Harvey

Review — Henney’s Vintage

Henney’s 2012 Vintge Still Cider

Picture of a bottle of Henney's Vintage Still Cider cider

This was a spur of the moment cider, as the last couple I have drunk have been rather uninspiring, including the Sainsbury’s Low Alcohol cider I had the other night. Of which the less said the better. I picked the Henney’s up at the Co-op for a couple of quid. Nor had a sniff and said it "smelled like catpiss", but she guessed that I would like it as "it’s dry". Which is pretty accurate.

So, it comes in a rather gorgeously minimalist black bottle with some nice simple typography on it. Very oldy worldy. It pours easily with few bubbles and less of an head. The nose is pretty farmy with a decent oaky tone to it.

The first sip is cheeky with a nice sharp attack fading roundly into slightly smoky depths. Not too much astringency in it but plenty of body. Still as a mill pond, clear and not too cloudy, the colour is a pretty standard mid-orange. However, there is maybe a touch too much sweetness in the aftertaste, and despite its 6.5 percent ABV it still tases a little too light.

As a mass market cider this gives some of the Westons drinks a good run for their money, and I’d certainly drink it again.

2013-08-12 by Charlie Harvey


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