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Review — Gwatkin Yarlington Mill Medium Farmhouse Cider

Gwatkin Yarlington Mill Cider

With today's cider I’m heading back west to the traditional heartlands of ciderism in Herefordshire. For it is in those heartlands that Gwatkin cider is made. On Moorhampton Park Farm in fact. Of Yarlington Mill apples

Yarlington Mill Farmhouse Cider, shot of bottle hiding in foilage. Yum.

Yarlington Mill is a cracking cider apple, it seems. There's lots of complex layers of taste in my Gwatkin. There was a little more fizz than one might expect from a farmhouse cider, but it dissipated almost immediately, leaving a dark orange, almost red smooth cider behind.

The taste is wonderful — slightly sour with maybe a hint of vinegaryness, undertones of leather and tonnes of sour, slightly overripe appleyness. Afterwards there's a bit of tannin, a touch of asp, but mostly a full, round woody, honey-like sweetness. The texture is soft, maybe a bit viscous. All in all totally rockin'.

I had no idea before consulting the bottle that this was a 7%-er. I suppose that accounts for the viscosity to a degree. So you may not want to drink a bunch of these and then go dancing. On the other hand that may be exactly what you want to do and who am I to judge? But it does have a kick. OK? That's all I’m saying.

This is a sweet and heavy cider. Perfect for a dark winter's evening on the laptop avoiding learning prolog. That may just be me of course. Well, until next time ciderfans …

2011-12-03 by Charlie Harvey


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