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Review — Chucklehead Dry Cider

Chucklehead Dry cider review

My colleague Pete recently got hold of some Chucklehead cider from the interwebs. He kindly shared a bottle with me so that I could have a try.

Picture of a bottle of chucklehead cidre

Chucklehead is a Devon cider, made by Michael and Liz Dinnage on their small family farm near Tiverton since 1993. You can buy boxes of it from their web shop. Pete had bottled some off for me in a kilner bottle.

It is a flat cider, pleasingly dark orange in colour. It pours with very little fizz or fuss and the head is almost non-existent.

The first sip is rounded and velvety soft. There isn’t too much of an alcoholic taste to it — I would guess that it was around 6 percent or something. But there is plenty of sweetness and a hint of oak followed by a pleasantly astringent aftertaste.

I’d certainly enjoy a second tasting of this particular batch!

2014-12-11 by Charlie Harvey


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