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  • Review — Keane’s Premium Cider

    Magners. That's a social phenomenon. And not necessarily one which the dedicated ciderist should be keen to embrace. I tend to think that cider that requires ice is, let's say problematic. If you really must make the stuff cold before you can dri

  • Review — Old Rosie Cider

    I’m a firm believer in contextualising. So, here’s the back story. We’d been to watch a Disney film (no, really!) after a couple of beers in the Three Goats Heads and decided to go for a pint at the Turf. The Turf Tav

  • Review — Sheppy’s Organic Cider

    2011-01-23 by Charlie HarveyIts been a while since I reviewed a cider, but in a burst of ridiculous new year enthusiasm I decided to revive the practice. A recent wander to the Nosebag Café in the centre of Oxford led to my dining t

  • Review — Chiddingstone Bone Dry

    Chiddigstone Bone Dry is brewed by the Castle Cider company in Sevenoaks, Kent. Served at the Spotted Dog in Penshurst and to my knowledge, no other pub in the area, this 7.5%er certainly packs a powerful punch. It has a crisp, light appearance and certainly does not taste like a strong cider. It h

  • Review — Addlestones

    I had high hopes for Addlestones, being, as I was, somewhat hungover from a night at the local. The occasion was the opening of my pal Meredy's official birthday season. It was lunchtime and I was on the other side of Magdalen bridge. To East Oxfordians the other side of the bridge is a place of

  • Review — Aspalls Premier Cru

    You may be thinking that labelling a cider Premier Cru is, well, a bit wanky. And I’d have to agree with you. However, Aspall Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder made me reconsider. A bone dry feast of light appley loveliness in a distinctive cone shaped bottle, it positively leapt down my neck. Hone

  • Review — Sam Smiths Organic Cider

    I think that Sam Smith's, the Tadcaster based independent brewery, are a fantastic organisation. Everything they brew is vegan and a high percentage is organic. They run some of the cheapest and most pleasant pubs about; their pubs feel like proper pubs, rather than soulless McPub beer malls. By W

  • Review — Westons Organic

    My local pub started selling Westons Organic cider a few months ago. I’m feeling pretty lucky about it I can tell you. Though mass produced, it's a real cider, made from fruit rather than concentrate. It has a nice balance between bitttersweet apple and booze. Its fairly heavy; more a cider f