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  • Review — Brook Farm Cider

    I learned an important lesson yesterday. It turns out that drinking a couple of pints of Brook Farm Cider makes understanding the mathematical writings of Gottlob Frege pretty much impossible. Who would have imagined it. Not me.Drink with ca

  • Review — Mahorall Farm Cider

    Back to almost traditional cider country this time, with a Shropshire cider from Mahorall Farm Cider. The King-Turner family have been making cider since the turn of the century. I had a crack at the Dry Sparklling incarnation on a sunny August day.The cider packs a

  • Review — The Governor Cider

    I have to admit that I was sceptical about a cider branded with the name of a celebrity chef. I picked the bottle up at a little after 9 AM in my local co-op on a bit of a whim to be honest. But, reading the label I saw that it wa

  • Review — Barkaiztegi Sagardo Naturala

    A bit of a rare treat this one! I’ve been wanting to try some of the cider from the Basque country for ages now. And whilst I was in Amsterdam going to the Unlike Us conference and visiting pals, I got given a bottle of Barkaiztegi by one

  • Review — Malvern Oak Dry Reserve Cider

    Nor and I rented a little cottage up in the Malverns for a few days for my birthday a couple of weeks back. Yes that does sound thoroughly bourgeois!. One of the reasons for heading out West was to get nearer to traditional Scrumpy country. And to climb s

  • Review — Thistly Cross Ginger

    Let me begin with an apology. This week I couldn't be arsed with a picture. Quel unprofessionalisme! as they would no doubt exclaim in France. And why the slackness? Christmas cards, that's why. Thistly Cross, the Scottish cidersmiths, echo my Ch