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  • Review — Chucklehead Dry Cider

    Review — Chucklehead Dry Cider cover image

    My colleague Pete recently got hold of some Chucklehead cider from the interwebs. He kindly shared a bottle with me so that I could have a try. Chucklehead is a Devon cider, made by Michael and Liz Dinnage on their small family farm near Tiverton since 1

  • Review — Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder

    Review — Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder cover image

    It has been a while since my last cider review. Serendipitously one of my colleagues bought in a bottle of Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder for me to sample this week. It is seldom the case that I am known to turn down an opportunity to drink some cider, let this be n excepption to that

  • Review — Thorn Brook Premium Craft Cider

    Review — Thorn Brook Premium Craft Cider cover image

    My local co-op occasionally stocks an interesting cider. And this looked to be one. Despite the slightly wanky name. I am not sure when or why the word premium has crept into being an acceptable thing to say on a cider bottle. Whilst craft just seems to be something that you can prep

  • Review — Cidre le Brun in Paris

    Review — Cidre le Brun in Paris cover image

    For my birthday jaunt this year I popped over to Paris with nor. It was pretty cool staying in a little airbnb place up near the Arc de Triomphe. And of course I wanted to try a little of le cidre local. Which was a bottle of Le Cidre Artisanal Le Brun from the G20 supermarket up the

  • Review — Polgoon Cornish Cider

    Review — Polgoon Cornish Cider cover image

    A top-up cider this, to fill my cart when I was ordering Ciderniks Kingston Black the other day. I have not come across the brand before, but they say of themselves that they are Award-winning producers of Cornish wines, ciders and fruit juices. Their website is ve

  • Review — Ciderniks Kingston Black

    Review — Ciderniks Kingston Black cover image

    I spent a fun night at a folk session at The Shoulder of Mutton pub in Wantage with nor and her folks drinking this stuff. It was just one of the 6 ciders in boxes that were perched atop the bar. I resisted the urge to try any others. And I promised, perha

  • Review — Henney’s Vintage

    Review — Henney’s Vintage cover image

    This was a spur of the moment cider, as the last couple I have drunk have been rather uninspiring, including the Sainsbury’s Low Alcohol cider I had the other night. Of which the less said the better. I picked the Henney’s up at the Co-