Charlie Harvey


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  • Video: ORGCon Open BBC Session

    Video: ORGCon Open BBC Session cover image

    In case you haven’t noticed their "Protect Your Bits" poster in the background of the IT Crowd, let me introduce the Open Rights Group. The work they’re doing on digital civil rights is crucial to everyone who values freedom or privacy on the interwebs. Not just activi

  • What Will George Osborne Cut Next?

    Here's a cool project. Helping the lovely folks at No Shock Doctrine For Britain to build a random George Osborne cut generator, called What Will George Cut Today? to highlight the absurdity of the new UK Chancellor's unjust and unnecessary budget cuts. No Shock Doctrine For Britain are fighting

  • Dear Prime Sinister ...

    I thought that it may be fun to write to the Prime Sinister every now and again. He hasn't yet written back despite my generous offer to join his cabinet of all the talents.

  • Climate Change

    Climate change is real. Human beings are contributing to it. It is killing 150,000 people a year. These are poor people in poor countries. They produce far fewer emissions than rich people in rich countries but suffer the worst effects of climate change. This is a class issue, a power issue, a just

  • Windows Vista — Time to Jump

    Windows Vista will profoundly downgrade your ability to use your computer as you see fit, rather than as Microsoft and the corporate media see fit. It will operate inefficiently, forcing users to upgrade to expensive and power hungry new hardware which will be bad for the environment, especially