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  • Software freedom costs money, support the FSF

    Software freedom costs money, support the FSF cover image

    The Free Software Foundation (FSF) was founded in 1985 to promote software freedom. In the 30 years since it was founded, it has battled for the rights of users to control the software they run, rather than the makers of that software — still an critical fight today.The FSF’s newly rel

  • Winter Hacktionlab 2014

    Winter Hacktionlab 2014 cover image

    Very exciting news this. There is going to be a (an?) Hacktionlab this winter once more. As often happens the event will be held at Bradford’s 1 in 12 Club — one of the longest running Anarchist social spaces in the UK. This year we will all no doubt raise a glass to our fallen comrad

  • Infographic: Facebook Vs the Stasi in numbers

    Infographic: Facebook Vs the Stasi in numbers cover image

    Some time ago, OpenDataCity made a map visualising the relative size of data held by the Stasi and NSA, you can view it below. Partly inspired by that, I thought it would be interesting to compare the Stasi with another vast data collection operation — Facebook. Here, then, is Facebook Vs t

  • Verbindingen/Jonctions 14 in Brussels

    The Brussels-based collective Constant work at the intersection between politics, art and free/open source technology. I’ve just been at Verbindingen/Jonctions 14 — let’s call it VJ14, for the sake of brevity — a 4 day gathering aiming to provide a feminist review of mesh,

  • Video: Barncamp 2013 Scrapbook

    Not long ago I went to a rural tech gathering called Barncamp. It’s a weekend of DIY skillsharing, tech and activism on a farm in the Wye Valley. Free world films used some Barncamp photos I took in this video scrapbook of the camp. Enjoy.

  • Timeline: 40 Years of New Internationalist Magazine

    Its 40 years since New Internationalist magazine, where I work, was officially founded. It began life as the successor to The Internationalist, house mag of Third World First, now People & Planet. One of the ways that we are celebrating is by taking a look back at our history with this lo