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2015 Reading

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  • December 2015 Reading

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    I don’t read nearly enough entertaining essays and short pieces of writing. That is what I felt after reading Crosley’s at times laugh-out-loud funny collection of autobiographical writing on everything from visiting Port

  • November 2015 Reading

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    I have been learning category theory in a sort of informal, slow way for a coule of years now. Eugenia Cheng’s intro is a book that I wish I had read before I started. The food metaphor s a bit cheesy (heh) but works surprisingly well fo

  • October 2015 Reading

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    It is painfully late in the month to be posting my first review. Which is not to say that I haven’t been reading a lot; I have a few massive books on the go. Seven Eves was a gigantic book in every sense. In the 3 parts of the story, Stephenson d

  • September 2015 Reading

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    I picked this up from Blackwells some time ago hoping to learn a little about the profession of psychoanalysis as it is practiced. Malcolm focuses on a series of interviews with a New York psychoanalyist. The material

  • August 2015 Reading

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    I was reading this for a review in the FLOSS UK newsletter due out some time in September. The author aims to chart a course somewhere between dry mathematical rigour and tool-centric shallowness of coverage. Something which I think he

  • July 2015 Reading

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    A well thought out book that covers ground from stats, to information and quantum theory, to computer science in an attempt to understand our information infrastructure and how it may evolve in the future. Burgess talks rather a lot about h

  • June 2015 Reading

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    Benders are a traditional, low-impact dwelling space, traditionally used by travellers and protestors. Having lived in a few, it was lovely to come across a book about them. It is a beautifully illustrated and wryly amusing little book that I read cover to

  • May 2015 Reading

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    I am actually kind of surprised that I hadn’t read this novel before. It is probably one of the first steampunk books. Imagine an alternate Victorian era Neal Stephenson and you will have a fairly good idea of w

  • April 2015 Reading

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    This is a collection of Gibson’s ruminations on technology written for various publications including Wired, Time and Rolling Stone. I enjoyed the collection immensely. This is smart, accessible and compelling writing abou

  • March 2015 Reading

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    I have been working my way slowly through this classic FP book for the last couple of months. Bird’s style is rigorously mathematical but very readable. He is interested in developing programs a