Charlie Harvey

June 2015 Reading

  • Bender Heaven, by Laugh

    Bender Heaven cover

    Benders are a traditional, low-impact dwelling space, traditionally used by travellers and protestors. Having lived in a few, it was lovely to come across a book about them. It is a beautifully illustrated and wryly amusing little book that I read cover to cover in a couple of hours.

    2015-07-02 by Charlie Harvey

  • Me Talk Pretty One Day, by David Sedaris

    Me talk pretty one day, by David Sedaris front cover

    It is pretty rare to read a bok that makes you laugh out loud. Sedaris is a master of observation. Everything he touches turns to bizarre hilarity. The Story of David’s career as a conceptual artist in particular had me screaming with laughter. Wonderful stuff and highly recommended.

    2015-07-02 by Charlie Harvey

  • Alan Turing’s Electronic Brain, edited by Jack Copeland

    Alan Tuning's electronic brain

    Picked up on spec from the Oxford University Press shop, because it was on 75% discount. I was expecting another trawl through Turing’s considerable achievements in pure maths and his war record. But the collection of essays take you through the story of a computer that Turing conceived, the ACE. And it goes into proper detail about how the ACE worked, how it was programmed, everything. Really fascinating stuff and quite incredible that they managed to use mercury delay lines to build memory before the transistor had even been invented.

    2015-07-02 by Charlie Harvey

  • Everyday Cryptography, by Keith M. Martin

    cover of Everyday Cryptography

    An accessible guide that covers a lot of ground in an easily-digestible style. It is practically focussed rather than diving into theory, although the mathematics appendices are pretty good too. It'd be a great introductory read, or a good way to polish up your rusty crypto-fu.

    2015-07-02 by Charlie Harvey


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