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  • 2013: My favourite books and reading stats

    Last year I did a rundown of the books I read in 2012, mostly as I wanted to play with But also, let’s face it, because my propensity to navel-gaze craves occasional indulgence. This year I repeat the experiment in a yearly roundup of my reading habits… _H_Reading stats

  • December 2013 reading

    When I was first learning Java there was a big trend towards using design patterns. The extreme edge of that trend was critiqued wonderfully by Mark Jason Dominus in Why Design Patterns Aren

  • November 2013 Reading

    I grabbed the ebook of astounding stories on a bit of a whim. But I have enjoyed it. Its proper boys own stuff, and reminded me of the sort of books that one used to find in my grandparents house. Hugely entertaining but

  • October 2013 Reading

    The second of a couple of books I am reading about stats and the R language to support the Coursera I’m doing at the moment. In contrast to Navarros book which was a free PDF, I paid for this one. I felt that it read very much lik

  • September 2013 Reading

    Old fashioned but passionate rant against the idiocy of (especially Christian) religion and the enormous harm it has done. The rhetoric is quite grating and some of the arguments put forward are strawmannish, but still an enjoyable re

  • August 2013 Reading

    Read it on my reading day and spoke more about it in the tech briefing I wrote up about that. It’s fine, but the material in my copy is rather out of date. It was right in its prediction that a lot would change after IE8. It d

  • July 2013 Reading

    I have never read much Woolf and always thought I ought to. I found her essay, which looks at what it means to be a woman who makes art was a lot more accessible than I had been led to believe her writing would be. She does tak

  • June 2013 Reading

    I started my Scheme interpreter a few weeks back and then realized I didn't know Scheme that well. This book cam recommended as an intro to the language and is available online for free. Its very accessible, and wonde

  • May 2013 Reading

    Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 hours is a wiki tutorial that has been turned into a free PDF. I am working on writing a programming language this year and Scheme is a reasonable start being relatively simple to parse and make into a

  • April 2013 Reading

    Ramnath tells an history of decolonization from an anarchist perpective. Or anarchism from a decolonizationary perspective. Focussing on the history of liberation struggles in South Asia, Ramnath tells the stories of people who