Charlie Harvey

June 2013 Reading

  • Simply Scheme, by Brian Harvey and Matthew Wright

    I started my Scheme interpreter a few weeks back and then realized I didn't know Scheme that well. This book cam recommended as an intro to the language and is available online for free. Its very accessible, and wonderfully written, but aimed at an audience of beginner programmers, so perhaps on the simple side of what I was after. Also sometimes non-standard function names (and behaviours) are used as a pedagogical device. Which is fine for pedagogy, not so much for implementing a compatible language!

    2013-06-12 by Charlie Harvey
  • The revolution trade, by Charles Stross

    The third (double) installment of this dark, time-travelling, sci-fi, fantasy steampunk novel featuring nuclear peril and dimension hopping assassins. And a corrupt Bush-era government (I know, I know, corruption in Dubya’s Whitehouse would never have happened). Stross is engrossing and great fun to read, a master of playing out insane ideas in mundane, drab and believable worlds.

    2013-06-09 by Charlie Harvey


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