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2012 Reading

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  • March 2012 Reading

    I picked this up at the Unlike Us conference in Amsterdam. It is a solid critique of the political economy of capitalist tech of the wired type. His dismantling of the Free Culture movement is useful and perceptive.2012-03-17 by Charlie

  • February 2012 Reading

    It isn’t exactly news that I am a big fan of Stephenson. Snow Crash is an older book, written very much in the cyberpunk style. Lots of virtual reality and futuristic dystopia. But done entertainingly and combining those themes with some intelligent

  • January 2012 Reading

    I’m not a typography nerd. Got it? Well, OK, perhaps I am. A bit. Nerds and non-nerds alike will enjoy Lupton’s wonderful book. It manages to be entertaining and informative without feeling too didactic. The coverage of the history of