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2011 Reading

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  • December 2011 Reading

    Another Christmas gift from me old man, this is a 2005 novel which was made into a film last year. I’ve not seen the film. But the book is wonderful, a dystopian sci-fi, by turns tender and twisted. Ishiguro riffs on the fragilit

  • November 2011 Reading

    The original Pragmatic Programmer book was pretyy influential on me when it came out and I’ve really enjoyed a few other books in the series. This book is no exception to that. There's a lot of se

  • October 2011 Reading

    This is a difficult read at times, putting the lie to the myth of the British Empire being a benign, democratic or civilising project. Rebellion was never far from the surface and was put down by geno

  • September 2011 Reading

    The anticiv folks are a really good read for anyone who wants to do serious political campaigning anticiv or not. This book tries to be a how-to guide for establishing and effective guerilla resisten

  • August 2011 Reading

    A really intriguing glimpse of Eldridge Cleaver's political development, focussing on the black panthers and other revolutionary black power struggles in the US in the 60s and 70s. Deeply poetic, passionate, angry a

  • July 2011 Reading

    Parecon is an interesting and thoughtful answer to the but what do you want question that anticapitalists are always asked. I got occasionally annoyed at its often rather simplistic, homespun style. It kind of reminded me of Berkman's ABC o

  • June 2011 Reading

    I am not a designer. But I do often end up doing design. That's why I was interested in this title. Now the PDF ended up on a machine I control, so I grabbed a copy to see what it was like. I thought it w

  • May 2011 Reading

    My pal penguin recommended that I read this one. Its a lovely pop maths (if that is even a genre) investigation, taking in everything from the anthropology of number and counting to the history of maths to why the

  • April 2011 Reading

    I like a challenge, learning seven programming languages in seven weeks seemed like a challenge. I’m blogging about it. I doubt I’ll finish in seven weeks; at least not seven consecutive ones!

  • March 2011 Reading

    Let me first just mention that prepending the word post to any body of thought – post-anthropology, say – doesn't magically result in a rejuvination of that thought as some theorists are wont to believe. Howe