Charlie Harvey

September 2011 Reading

  • Deep Green Resistence, by Aric McBay, Lierre Keith and Derrick Jensen

    The anticiv folks are a really good read for anyone who wants to do serious political campaigning anticiv or not. This book tries to be a how-to guide for establishing and effective guerilla resistence to ecological destruction. The book is in 4 parts, a sort of overview of why action needs taking, a look at organizing, an introduction to strategy and tactics and a look at the possible future. I must admit that I started with the strategy and tactics section and noodled around the book in a non-linear stylee. I found what I read insightful, and certainly helpful for strategists of resistence (trick number one: have an objective, for example is all too often forgotten).

    2011-09-03 by Charlie Harvey
  • Wilderness Evasion, by Michael Chesbro

    Don't worry, I haven't gone all anarcho-primitivist, this had been left in my house at some point, it was a very basic intro to some outdoor skills. My impression was that Chesbro was a bit of a radio geek – he devotes 16 pages to comms but only 4 to water. He is also quite US focussed (to be fair they do actually have wilderness in the States!) I’d say that the book was probably too basic but might be a good starting point for exploring outdoor adventuring.

    2011-09-11 by Charlie Harvey
  • Crude: The Story of Oil, by Sonia Shah

    I’ve had this sat on my to read shelf for ages. I mustsay I wish I’d dipped in earlier. Shah writes with a wonderfully accessible style, and packs the book with zillions of totally fascinating stats. That said the total reliance of modern civilization on the black stuff and its byproducts is not skirted round. I may have come full circle back to Deep Green Resistence :-)

    2011-09-11 by Charlie Harvey


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