Charlie Harvey

April 2011 Reading

  • Seven Languages In Seven Weeks, by Bruce A. Tate

    I like a challenge, learning seven programming languages in seven weeks seemed like a challenge. I’m blogging about it. I doubt I’ll finish in seven weeks; at least not seven consecutive ones!

    2011-04-13 by Charlie Harvey
  • The Enforcement of Morals, Patrick Devlin

    I saw this at an Oxfam bookfair, read the introduction and laughed out loud at how old-fashioned it sounded and how disturbingly homophobic Britain was in the mid to late sixties. The woman who took my money had a look at the book, laughed and said she studied under Devlin. Apparently he was a dreadful little man. Only in Oxford.

    2011-04-13 by Charlie Harvey
  • Assuming A Body, Gayle Salamon

    An ambitious project to investigate points of affinity between psychoanalisis and phenomenology and how they interact with queer and trans theories of the body.

    2011-04-07 by Charlie Harvey
  • Getting Things Done, David Allen

    If you can get past the bullshit corporate businessfriendly language, this is an extremely useful and perceptive guide. And its good to read it again once in a while when you're starting to fall off the wagon (to use Allen's terminology).

    2011-04-06 by Charlie Harvey
  • Glasshouse, Charles Stross

    If you’ve not read Charles Stross, imagine a cyberpunk Douglas Adams doing philosophical analysis of futurist sci-fi geek culture. Glasshouse is an insanely imaginative bit of writing, full of beautiful observations of the insanity of our existing society as seen through the eyes of a posthuman historian caught in a simulation of 'the dark ages'. Definite page turner, not worthy at all but massively entertaining and wonderfully thought provoking.

    2011-04-02 by Charlie Harvey


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