Charlie Harvey

imagebank #1: Anticapitalist

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I shot this in my back garden. The original photo came from the Getty image bank and is copyrighted. You can use, mashup and reuse this version freely for non-commercial purposes

I bought the handbag from the British Heart Foundation shop in central Oxford. It cost 3.75. I filled it up with old glass jars, then I put some old flipchart paper on top. I soaked that in citronella flavoured lamp oil and then set fire to it. It took a while to catch. I put it out by dumping a load of old washing up water onto it.

imagebank #1: Anticapitalist

Photo Information

  • Date: 2009-02-22 16:02:13
  • Camera: Canon EOS 20D
  • Exposure: 0.001 sec (1/800)
  • Aperture: f/1.6
  • Film Speed (ISO):
  • Focal Length:
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