Charlie Harvey

My Curriculum Vitaé

Thanks for taking the time to look at my CV. Please note I am not looking for work at the moment. Don’t be offended if I don’t reply to unsolicited job offers.

If I were looking I would be most interested in job opportunities with organizations working on social and environmental justice issues, overthgrowing global capitalism and/or promoting, using or considering using Free Software.

I use a perl script I wrote, called to keep all versions of my CV ’in sync’. This in turn uses the CPAN module XML::LibXML and XML Resume Library.

I write my CV as a single XML file, the script then uses XSLT to ’mung’ it into the various formats available. If you look at the XML version of my CV, you’ll see that it’s still work in progress. The version you are seeing is the (mercifully, perhaps!) brief one.

If you are interested in works, please feel free to download it together with my ’tweaked’ version of the XML Resume Library [gzipped tar]. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who finds it useful.

Update: As of 2011, Sergios Stamatis is using He has written a bash script to use to update his CV over on git hub.