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I am D.N.Abhishek, a undergraduate student in computer science, 8/8th semester, from a rural part of INDIA. I got to know you as you followed me on twitter recently. I appreciate your efforts in writing a fantastic blog,this is helpful for all cs students. hope and request you continue your invaluable efforts towards CS.

Coming to the fact,I developed an unknown interest towards CS.I am hailing from a rural area, i was ignorant and was not exposed to my core field for the last 3 and a half years. Apart from my academics, there are many things that excited me trhoughout the last 3 years but i dint know who to to approache and stayed calm, that frustrated me and it effected my academics as well. I literally wasted my 3 years of engineering which i value it as the most precious time now. Even my grades are not that great. But im spending lot much time on what i need and no people to guide me, althoug it should be a process of self learning, i feel depressed all the time about it.

I am ready to do anything for enhancing my computing skills. Im not up to the mark or for that matter not eligible to think about Masters rite now. It needs a lot of knowledge, time and perseverance to do masters. Rite now im in my 8Th semester. To be frank, Im a not good-when it comes to engineering(cs) except for the fact that im OK with programming. As i already have mentioned, I'm ready to do anything that will make me better and create intuition of only computers in me and nothing else.

The thing that makes me so excited abt cs that i haven't recognized it 3 years before is that computer science for the matter of fact, programming is the only field where one can apply right away what one has learned, But cs is not about programming only.coding excites me very much, its not a same old way of writing the code written for years and years now. I feel coding gives new challenges from time to time and makes us feel to strive one step ahead when failed. It needs a lot of background and fundamental knowledge,strong at core CS, hard work and time taking. The sense that if i sit before my pc and start exploring, i tend to know how data packets travel, how data is stored, how instructions are carried out by the processor throws me off my feet. As of now, all of the cs makes me excited, there's nothing in particular. I have made up my mind that i