Charlie Harvey


Hey, just found your blog searching for Io resources. One guess what book I'm working my way through... I'm finishing up day 1 of Io today.

I'm also trying to keep a record of my programming attempts. We took pretty different approaches to the CsvRow problem. I thought it interesting that you pulled CsvRow up to the 'read' method and included as a part of the module. I'm lazy, so I modified as little code as possible. Also, I tried to keep the implementations of CsvRow and ActsAsCsv as detached as possible (for no reason other than pure ignorance), so I found interesting that you subclassed ClassMethods. I don't really understand what this does.

If you're interested, my version can be found here: . It works, plus prints "nil" if the row is empty for that header. I'm not sure what an invalid header does.